For kids ages 3-12

We don’t think church for kids should be dull. It should be a Powerhouse! At OCF, our goal in children’s ministry is to help kindle a passion for the things of God within the hearts of kids. Utilizing a variety of fun, creative mediums we emphasize scripture memorization and practical, understandable, Bible teaching. Powerful, enthusiastic worship music is also a regular feature at Powerhouse Kids.

If you have any questions about Powerhouse at OCF, or would like to serve in this area of ministry, contact the church office.

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Listen to the songs online or click the links to download them for your favorite music player!

1. Download John14:6
2. Download Romans 6:23
3. Download Matthew 1:21
4. Download Romans 6:3-4
5. Download John 1:6
6. Download 1 Peter 1:13
7. Download Matthew 4:4
8. Download Psalm 17:16